About Us

Veritomyx, Inc. mass spectral analysis software applies advanced signal-processing and identification algorithms to reveal previously hidden data and accelerate correct proteomic and metabolomic biomolecular identifications. Inaccurate results misdirect research while wasting valuable time and resources. Veritomyx software minimizes these problems by extracting important hidden information with statistical confidence from new and existing spectra, producing more effective research and development.

Veritomyx is a subsidiary of Target Discovery, Inc., which discovers and utilizes protein isoforms to improve clinical diagnosis and management of disease. From these efforts, Target Discovery has developed advanced spectral-analysis tools that Veritomyx makes commercially available to life-science researchers worldwide.

Focus on Accuracy and Precision

Inaccurate biomolecular identifications lead to misdirected research, often at great cost in R&D investments and in medical innovations delayed or never achieved. Veritomyx’ advanced algorithms extract critical insights missed or misidentified by other leading mass spectral analysis methods. PeakInvestigator™ software delivers unique peak detection and precise deconvolution capabilities to reveal hidden overlapped peaks that current software misses. We provide 3-4x increases in the effective resolution of your existing mass analyzer, delivering up to 10-fold improvements in mass and abundance precision when deconvolving previously hidden overlapped peaks. This precision accelerates research to validated, accurate identifications.


Jeffrey N. Peterson, Chairman, is the CEO of Target Discovery, the parent company of Veritomyx. Mr. Peterson cofounded Target Discovery in 1999, where he brings broad executive general management, multi-functional, multi-business and international experience. He previously held key management roles in Abbott Laboratories’ Diagnostics and International (Pharmaceuticals, Hospital Products, Nutritionals, Consumer) businesses, most recently as CEO and GM of Abbott South Africa. He doubled sales and tripled income for this 50 year-old business in 3.5 years, during the tumult of South Africa’s political transition. He played an earlier pivotal management role in Abbott’s successful introduction and support of multiple new diagnostics instrument and reagent systems in the history-making X-System series. Mr. Peterson's earlier experience included 11 years with General Electric’s Engineered Materials and Plastics businesses, spanning roles in strategic planning, business development, technology licensing, marketing/sales, operations/quality and R&D. He holds BSChE and MSChE (Chemical Engineering) degrees from MIT, as well as six issued US patents. Mr. Peterson is Chairman of Pressure Biosciences, Inc. (OTCQB: PBIO), an innovative platform technology company utilizing extreme pressure cycling to control biomolecular interactions and optimize sample preparation for life science R&D and diagnostic applications. He is Chair Emeritus of the BayBio Institute, a non-profit organization serving the life sciences community, and served a dozen years on the Board of BayBio, a life sciences trade association. He is a cofounder and active in the Coalition for 21st Century Medicine, and in BIO's Personalized Medicine & Diagnostics Working Group. He advises life science entrepreneurs, including serving on the MD Anderson Cancer Center, CPDE, Board of Advisors.

Dr. Luke V. Schneider, Chief Scientific Officer at Target Discovery, contributes broad multidisciplinary scientific experience and leadership to Veritomyx, and is the inventor of many of the technologies employed in Veritomyx products. Prior to founding Target Discovery, Inc., Dr. Schneider founded and served as Director of both the Upconverting Phosphor Diagnostics and Combinatorial Methods Centers at SRI International, where he directed 82 PhD’s across 11 scientific disciplines. The phosphor technology was licensed to Orasure Technologies in 1994. Dr. Schneider also served as SRI’s Director of Technology Development, including spinning-off Pangene (a gene therapy company), Facilichem (a liquid membrane separation company), CombiCat (a combinatorial catalysis company), and TagTech (an anti-counterfeiting technology company). Dr. Schneider serves on the board of Aromyx, Inc., which is commercializing G-protein coupled receptor biosensor technology he invented. Dr. Schneider previously managed the SRI Aerosol Drug Delivery Program, which spun out Inhale Therapeutics, and served as the virtual R&D and GMP manufacturing arm of Dura Pharmaceuticals. At SRI, Dr. Schneider led the team that won the first and was a member of the team that won the second Monsanto Million Dollar Challenges (international competitions to solve intractable hazardous chemical waste treatment problems for Monsanto). Prior to SRI, Dr. Schneider led Dupont’s research efforts in biological treatment of hazardous wastes and was part of the research team developing Group Transfer Polymerization. Dr. Schneider has 24 issued US patents (14 of which form the basis of TDI’s IP portfolio) and holds a PhD and M.A. in Chemical Engineering (Princeton University), an MSE and BSES in Chemical Engineering, and a B.A. in Biology (University of South Florida).